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Option 1. Listen attentively.

Well, that sucks. They’re losers. Whatever they tell you may not be accurate. They’ll lead you to the wrong direction. Also it shows them that yelling and cursing you is a way to get your attention. That means you can expect more.

Option 2. Ignore

That’s tough too. You see, losers demand more attention from others. While winners don’t care if people don’t care about them, losers do. Others’ attention is their ways to assert their self esteem. Expect more cursing if you ignore them.

Option 3. Escape. Whether it’s your family, your wife, your kids or anyone. The best way to deal with losers is to stay away from them as much as possible. Due to various laws and norms promoted by, well, losers, getting rid a spouse may be an expensive endeavors requiring expensive lawyers. It’s worthed.

Option 4. Fight. While you have nothing to do with losers doesn’t mean they don’t want to have anything to do with you. The world is full with losers turn bigots opposing free fair competition. They promote various punishments against the productive and successful. There are tons of punishments in store for those who successfully make lots of money or successfully attract many mating partners. Losers gene pool survival depend on screwing those more competitive than them. Unless you fight back.

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So many people believe that porn is immoral while war is holy. So many others believe that war is immoral while porn is fine.
Interestingly, people sense of morality, in regards to porn and war, tend to be negatively correlated. Peace protestors are often naked, which would offend highly (self declared) righteous people like Osama Bin Laden and George Bush.
The religious militants, on the other hand, would often kill a lot of civilians, which would offend civilians a lot.
So, which one is right?
Perhaps, rather than trying to decide which one is right or wrong, it’s better to just observe and understand how different humans’ interests motivate different algorithms to classify right from wrong.
With guns, swords, and chainsaws militants can commit massacres against civilians. Those with capability to strike or harm can motivate others to submit to their agenda by hitting those who do not.
For most part of history, that's how morality really got developed, namely, to protect the interest of the strong.
The (good?) old days were filled with strong honorable Knights, Samurais, and Ksatriyas. There were no rich greedy businessmen. There were only rich greedy Emperors, Sultans, Khalifahs, Maharajas, and Warlords.
Nowadays, civilians are gaining power. With democracy, basic peasants with paper poking “talent” can outmatch the military power of a knight’s long years of sharpened bashing, horse raiding, shooting, whatever talents.
With democracy, civilians can drive militants out of the gene pool too. To survive in the gene pool, a person needs a sex partner. A male would definitely want at least several. There are essentially two ways to get sex partners. You can force, like in rape, or you can consensually attract.
Raping has huge political costs nowadays.
In ancient time, an army could just rape women gloriously. Nowadays, rape is simply the most politically incorrect acts any army can do. An army can still get a way with murders, bombing, suicide bombing, and rocket launching and even sending nukes. There is no way you’ll PR survive mass rape.
In Indonesia, the government has no problem of admitting that murders and mass lootings have taken place during May 1998 riots. However, the government is still denying that any rape has ever taken places. Rape victims are still threatened to silence. Right or wrong, we see that political entities take extra care to ensure that rapes don’t go public.
With the raising political costs of rape, sexual attraction becomes far more important for gene pool survival.
When all sex is completely free, consensual, and unregulated, those who cannot attract sex partners will be out competed from the gene pool. The most attractive males will mate with all the females and the prettiest females will get the richest smartest males super alpha males leaving the rest extinct .
The militants can have nukes, guns, swords, or whatever. They are no match for the meek (and naked) peace protestors, who then, should the trend continue, will inherit the earth. Jesus will be proud.
Now, is porn or war, right or wrong? Where, it’s subjective and relative, in a sense that you will get different answers from people that represents different political interests.
If you ask a militant, knight, samurai, or ksatriya that still want to cling to their golden age where they were honored, then yea, you'll get an answer that porn is so wrong.
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